Beeplenish polish…

I was sent (along with, I suspect, lots of other turners) a couple of small pots of a new wax polish in the post the other day from a company called Beeplenish. All they asked was that I try it and see what I thought, but I thought it might make a small post here.

The leaflet that came with the wax explains that there are only natural ingredients, no turps, mineral oils, or other additives, and the wax is food safe. The packaging is 98% recycled to, so full marks for environmental care.

I tried it out on a template¬†finial that was on the bench, and it’s nice wax to apply, not being a hard set wax, and buffs to a nice sheen. It travels well with friction, and covers very well indeed. I didn’t notice any problems with ring formation, but frankly didn’t expect any from a soft wax.

I¬†wondered how the market could support another wax, but after trying it I think I’d use this for utility objects only. The anti-microbial properties make it perfect for salad bowls, plates, drinking vessels Etc., and offers an alternative to mineral oil which has environmental issues attached to it. The other advantage of course, is that being a wax you can achieve a nice warm glow which takes work with an oil.

As many customers are now also environmentally aware, and will often query which finishes you use, it could well be a small selling point.

I have no idea what the price is, but can’t imagine it being prohibitive. I’d certainly choose it for utility wear from now on.