A few gallery images for those who keep looking at this empty page…

13 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Hello Daniel. Do you have any clearer photos of the top of syc_hollowform_with_inks.jpg? What kind of inks do you use? I’ve held back colouring my turnings in favour of letting the natural grain and imperfections dominate. This piece really draws me for some reason and makes me rethink about trying the process.
    Beautiful work, all of it.

  2. Hello Mike,

    firstly, it’s Andy, not Daniel. Don’t know who Daniel is!

    The inks are actually inks from a common biro. Expelled from the refill and painted on with a brush. They seem to be very light fast and have lasted for over two years and are still okay according to the customer who purchased it.

    Hope tis helps.


  3. Sorry ’bout that. I got to your Gallery through a Daniel Would’s Blog site???very confusing. Anyway.

    We’re not from the same neighbourhood…a “biro” would be something like a Bic pen? I see some blue, green and purple and what looks like almost a pearl effect. Is that all from the ink? How many and which colours did you use? I may as well tell you now that I will probably try it on one of my pieces. I will of course give credit where due.

  4. For some reason I missed your return comment,Mike. Apologies.

    Just in case you pop back…


    Only a blue pen used. The ink gives the same effect as oil on water and produces a “rainbow” of colours. You can also heat the ink after application (use a hair dryer) to change the colours slightly. Hope tihs helps…although very late!

  5. Hi Andy,
    I absolutely love the way the dye highlights the grain, and the strength of the yellow and green in Chestnutburr1, I presume this is an alcohol based dye? Could I be cheeky and ask what make you use – as the closest I have seen to this intensity is “transtint” dye which I don’t believe is available in the uk.
    I thought the holly hollowform you did elsewhere on this site was absolutely stunning – a beautiful form!

  6. hi love your work , very different to most turners work , very natural , love the coloured bits , bit confussed on how you get the coulors , so is it normal ink you use and do you use didderent colours or just one and the heat changes them ? ive been chainsaw carving mushroom out of yew , ( i have a few tons of yew on my wood pile ready to use ) and would love to colour them , any tips your generous to give would be great ,many thanks .luke

  7. Hello Stephen, blimey! Tips for setting up a shop! Where to start. Low rent/rates, make sure you insure equipment and material stock and Public Liabilty. Choose location for best footfall if you want passing trade – which means commercial rent will be higher than a unit on an Ind est. Be prepared to work long hours and spend a lot of time being disallusioned! Other than that it’s far too complex an issue to detail here. Good luck and stock up on energy drinks!

  8. Thanks for the tips! – I used to live in Cornwall and you only get 2 months a year living off passing tourists… But aster a trip to the Caribbean this year – they live of the tourists 8 months a year! (but where do you go on your holidays, if you live in Antigua!)
    I’m currently selling at craft shows and sending cold letters to Art Galleries but thats my trade at the moment and just trying to see if its worth taking the trade further than just selling on line? But I would love to leave my Mac alone for a while and just see how it goes.. – But I do miss the coast! – My old friend who used to work on boats did a course in mechanics and ended up as a repair man on yachts (now he lives in a huge) so its a toss up between mechanics and the thing you love! (and thats not energy drinks) 🙂

  9. Thanks for the reply Andy – and apologies for not getting back sooner – stuck in the Disillusioned Workshop! Too busy working all the hours, as my fiancé won’t let me in until it’s very dark our side! (lol)!

    and now decided to give it a year, and see how the website develops!


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