Queries and follow up…

Recently I’ve had a lot of email queries about either blog posts or YouTube videos, most of which are pleasant enough, the odd one which I’ve found a little annoying as they required some time to answer and amounted to email tuition!

One that was pleasant and courteous came from George in Georgia, USA. A nice email and a couple of queries. No problem. So I answered.

And then this morning a follow-up came with some pictures of his first Dreidel box and a good tip for a home-made chatter tool that I thought was worth passing on if his results are anything to go by.

George’s Dreidel and tip:

“Andy, this was the first dreidel box I made out of dogwood and I really like the way it took the chattering. I used a feeler gauge held with needle nose vise grip pliers. I can move the pliers to make the feeler blade longer or shorter and change the chatter real easy. Anyway just thought you might like to see something made from your influence. I believe these will be a hit at Christmas! Thanks for the idea!!
George “

Toxicity in Yew…

This is one of the most common search terms that bring people to the blog, and one that continues to cause heated debate across the woodworking world. As many will know already, I have tried to get a definitive answer to the question…and failed. A reader commented on his own experience of yew sensitivity some time ago, and he has just commented with a worrying update…I’ll copy it here, but the original thread can be read here: https://woodturningblog.wordpress.com/2009/11/10/is-yew-wood-toxic/

Paul Jackson commented on Is Yew wood toxic…

Regarding my previous post on 25th April 2011. I have not turned any yew for nearly a year now after my last incident. One of the symptoms that I sufferered was that the vision in my right eye became blurred for a day or so afterwards and the wrinkles around my eye seemed to be deeper than usual.

I recently decided to do some whittling about ten days ago. I chose a small piece of yew to work with as I reasoned that I would not be producing dust, only shavings and would therefore be ok. The next day the blurred vision reappeared and has been like that since. It has been about 10 days now and I have just returened from my optician.

Having had a good examination I have now been referred to the hospital and I have an appointment about 2 months away!! I have just phoned the doctor to explain that I suspect TAXINE poisening is the cause and that I can hardly see out of the eye. I was told that the doctor will phone me back today. The symptoms this time are the same as last time only more so. Perhaps I rubbed my eye whilst carving. I will keep you all posted on the outcome.