Cold, Windy & Frustrating…

As the title suggests, that’s what today has been like. I had a very small job to do this morning which was six tiny handles for a dressing table. They were commissioned by the maker, a craftsman and bespoke furniture maker (amongst other things!). unfortunately he had supplied the timber, maple, and had laminated the stock from off cuts. Not always a problem, but he’d laminated it in such as way as to make his request for “end grain turned knobs” impracticable. It would have left a glue joint running across the middle of the face!

So okay, side grain isn’t a problem. It’ll just mean hiding the joint behind the first bead. Except the two pieces weren’t even close to having the grain aligned, and the inner cove had contrary grain which was a pig to turn. But I hate to be beaten and resorted to a small bowl gouge to hold back the inevitable catch and ruination of the knob. And it worked, but was quite tricky on such a small item even with a 10mm bowl gouge. Anyway, I got them done. So all’s well?

Not really. I wasn’t 100% happy with them, but was frustrated because he wouldn’t except anything BUT the wood he supplied (for matching), and I reckon that in total I spent two hours piddling about to achieve six matching knobs, and at £4 a knob that’s £12 an hour for labour, electricity, abrasive and sealer and all the other related overheads. I hope he makes more for the dressing table!

I decided to go home at 1 o’clock. The day seemed to be telling me that enough was enough and for once I listened.

Oh well. Tomorrow’s another day.


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