Cold and slow…

It’s been so cold down by the river that the firewood pile was looking quite miserable, so with gritted teeth i opened the wood store for the first time since the flood. First problem is the frame, which has been for longer than I’ve been alive, had swollen and buckled and really needs replacing. But that will have to wait for a little while.

Inside there was a pile of leaves and debris that had washed in and will have to be cleared out…when it’s not so cold. As I expected the large lumps of black walnut are beyond saving and will now be posh firewood. Some construction timber is also damaged,so that’s the new bench off the to-do list for a while.

There are other obviously damaged lumps and boards, but I hadn’t the heart to check to closely.

Some of the beyond use stuff went next door to be split for firewood despite still being a little damp it’ll dry soon enough and do to keep the workshop dry and warm.

It’s still deathly quiet. If I hear one more “it’s the same for everybody” i’ll scream. I know it is but that doesn’t help. Another professional turner called the other day…just for a chat…and told me he hasn’t had a commission since July!

I’m glad he didn’t call this week because I’d have had to own up to having three! Don’t get excited. One is for a wooden base to replace a broken glass one on a lidded glass vase, the other a weird request that isn’t even woodwork and doesn’t amount to much, and then today “can you turn me six dressing table handles?”…oh! Let me check the diary!

Anyway…it’s cold and there’s nobody about so after the school run I’m going home to do something useful and fix the shower. Damned solonoids.


One thought on “Cold and slow…

  1. So sorry to hear about this Andy. I hope none of your equipment was damaged. You do have insurance right?

    stay warm my friend, or stay thirsty. Pick one!


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