How many blanks in a ten foot board…

After freezing my poor toes under the van today I spent a little longer out doors and marked out one of the 1 1/2 ash boards for cutting. The boards are 10′ long and average about 22″ wide with a little variance to oversize. I wanted some 10″ domestic plate blanks so they were priority, but I hate to waste good wood, so spent some time working out what I could achieve from one board. Here’s the result…

15 * 10″, 

1 * 9 1/2″,  

1 * 7 1/2″, 

1 * 6  1/2″, 

1 * 5 3/4″, 

2 * 5″, 

1 * 4 3/4″, 

1 * 13 1/2″

6 * 4 1/2″, 

7 * 2  3/4″,  

5 * 3″, 

1 * rectangle for a wall plaque at 17″ * 7 3/8″,

 and one 19 3/4″ disc with stunning feather feature and figure.

That’s 54 blanks from the one board. Not too bad eh? I know there are a lot of small blanks, but these would normally end up as fire wood, and I have a use for them as multi-disc plaques and clocks. Along with all this was a sack of fire wood, and a sack of sawdust for the chickens to lay in.

So all in all not a bad haul from the one board. Three more 1 1/2″  boards to go, and two at 3″, and the last board which is effectively a skin board, but 6″ deep, has yielded several very large bowl blanks,  some vessel blanks, and three large sections for table tops.

And they intended to burn this butt! Criminal.

What a week…

The week began, if you count Sunday as the start of the week, in a terrible fashion with the brakes on the van failing whilst I was moving. The rear brakes failed and locked the wheel. Scary. And as if that wasn’t bad enough I was then forced to move it – driving with a locked rear wheel – at the insistance of a police officer who seemed to think I’d “parked” in a stupid place. No amount of explanation seemed to get him to understand the difference between “parking”, and coming to a dead stop against the wishes of the driver. So I was forced to drive 100 yards down the lane with a locked rear wheel which did the tyre the world of good. Thanks officer.

And then for two days my daughter has been ill which meant staying at home with her. Can’t be helped. And she’s so rarely ill it’s worrying when she is.

I had to be in today though, because I had Roger coming the mill the ash tree butt. Roger arrived with yet another Roger (there are three in total! A surfeit of Rogers some might say!) to help him. They soon had the rig set up and started cutting. Roger 1 reporting that it was the “hardest ash I’ve ever had to cut”. And it was hard wood. Between them they cut a number of inch and a half boards and then switched to 3″, and I wanted the last board,, about 4″ ish, left whole with the natural face.

Due to the hardness it took a while longer than anticipated, but the Rogers got the job done against the odds.

I couldn’t wait to see what the wood was like to work, so whilst they were sweating and huffing and cut a disc from the first skin board and turned a quick platter to see what the wood looked like when worked. Although the skin board is obviously not the best – a little damp, a little punky in places – the other boards have some spectacular feather feature and ripple, and a very little olive(ish) colour. And I am very pleased with the resulting boards. And even more grateful for the kindness of the Rogers both.

A few pictures of the process…

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Odd box…

Trying something new (for me) I was left with an object which I was loath to waste…so I incorporated it into this odd box…

Maybe something worth playing with?

AGM and oddments…

It’s the AGM at the turning club tonight. To be honest I’m not in the mood…but as Chairman I suppose I really have to be there.

I’ve used a number of projects this week as subjects for youtube videos. Not having anything particular in mind, and still unable to set my mind to anything, I resorted to basic stock items and these are perfect for simple videos. It’s been quite interesting to do as the feedback has been great so far. It’s nice to know that a little energy expended is appreciated and useful to someone.

One project resulted in a set of bowls which I quite like…

Right…off to the AGM