Rough-turned and moved to a different post code…

I was having a clear up today, and found some bowls I’d rough turned last year and discarded. The picture is unclear as it was taken with a phone camera, but if you look carefully you can see the pencil mark which indicates the true circle. The bowl pictured is of olive ash and is 14″ by 5″, and would have been a lovely bowl. The thickness is 1 1/4″.

As you can see the distortion is enough to mean that re-turning is not really an option here. Too much distortion to re-turn, as it would (and pardon the conversion!) result in a 10mm wall thickness, aside from proving troublesome because of the out-or-balance and size. So, what to do now? Bandsaw it and use it as fuel? Or hand sand and sell as a green-turned and warped bowl?

Or maybe you have other ideas?

Old Book…

Having both SWMBO and Ellie off for half term is always difficult. Work to be done but family to spend time with. I usually lose any ensuing battle. Today wasn’t so much of a problem…Monday is about the only sensible day to take a day off.

As it happens it meant that if I suggested a trip to a local town on the coast I’d appear willing. So I did. Oh, and while we’re there I’ll just drop that DVD into the gallery…busted, is I think the American term which most easily describes what I was two seconds after muttering those words. Oh well, it cost me lunch, which isn’t a bad price to pay.

I’ve always avoided galleries, for reasons I’ve posted here before, but this time it was a request through an exhibiting friend so I thought, why not, what can the harm be. We’ll see.

Whilst there I found a lovely old book in A1 condition for a fiver…


We’ve all heard the fuss at various times concerning plagiarism/copying, and most points are valid. But one thing never mentioned is copying your own work…!

I’ve had a piece on display for eons, and it has never sold. I don’t know why; it appealed to me and I’d thought it a nice piece, but as I say it hadn’t sold. And then a customer fell for it…but with a condition….”if only it was in a very light wood rather than this brown Oak…could you copy it in Ash?”

So, to copy or not to copy? Copy! It’s been a slow month.

What quickly became apparent to me was how boring it is to copy my own work. Dull, dull, dull.

So how dull must it be to copy the work of another? Just a thought.