AWGB 1st ever Live Online Auction of International Woodturning


I always promised (myself, at least) that as this is “my” Blog, and the opinions Etc. expressed within it are “my own”, that I would not mention the Association here…

Ah ha! Well I’m going to…But in a good cause…Young Turners

At the coming International Seminar the AWGB are running the World’s 1st ever Live Online Auction of International Woodturning.

Lots have been supplied by the likes of Binh Pho, John Jordan, David Ellsworth, Ray Key, Hans Weissflog, Benoit Averley, Gary Rance, Bert Marsh, Etc., &etc.

To take a look at the catalogue, register to bid Etc. please visit the webpage here:

And please remember that all makers have donated AT LEAST 45% of the sale price to the Young Turners Program here in the UK. I think they all deserve a “thank you” for this generous gift. So thank you to all of them.

Frustrating Elm…

I’ve had a running battle with some VERY dry (8%) Elm over the last few days. Saturday¬†had me in the Midlands for an AWGB meeting, so a day away, but Friday and Sunday I was having a battle to complete two large commissioned presentation pieces in Elm. Nasty stuff when too dry.

Monday should see them finished (they have to be!) and delivered. I’ll be glad.

And then it’s on to some even older, drier, wood for another commissioned piece. After that the beauty that is clean, wet, Sycamore and Ash for three more commissioned pieces…Oh I can’t wait. Wet shavings…tools that stay sharp longer than I can hold my breath for…long shavings…damp tools…sap on the goggles…no dust from simply cutting…what a joy wet wood is.

How much wood did HMS Victory yeald?

It’s been a week of new commissions. Some interesting ones too.

One, well two actually, for a disabled access sailing club, came with a box full of large chunks of wood from HMS Victory. I have no problem with this, and I know there was wood from the Victory…but how much? I’ve heard claims of two containers loaded with it bought by one individual, another container by another individual, then there are the official “Victory gift” suppliers, and then the mountains of “Victory wood” available from many sources on the internet…

How big was this ship? The size of Poland?