So long and then another short post…

Well I’ve been busy, tired, and not got round to posting. Sorry.

I had the meeting with my MP, Mr Bob Blizzard, and it went very well indeed. I suppose it helps that he has sawdust in the veins from his Father, but he could see the point within seconds, and is going to take some action. First step is to see if there are any real barriers to a change in practice, if there are, another approach will be taken…but he spoke about a national guideline for councils, which is fantastic!

It’s not often (ever) I’m impressed with a polititian, but I was this time.

He even asked if he could touch the surface of a bowl one of my students was working on. Steve, from SA, has just finished the exterior and Mr Blizzard was very impressed with his finish. When I told him it was a piece of the wood which could have ended up as chippings he smiled. Steve should be back in South Africa by now, but he has a great story of validation for his new, and first, bowl to tell.

Meeting another blogger…

Short post…long day…but had to mention that today I met Rima Staines, one half of Rima & Tui, artists both. Rima & Tui decided to give WWW a try and have camped up there for the weekend. More later, but for now, take a look at the links to Rima Staines and Orla Wren in the links to the right…tomorrow I’ll get a chance to go over and chat to them. So more of WWW later…

Update on last post…

Meeting now agreed and time and date set.

Interestingly another “body” has been in touch and seems interested in the question as a whole.

I’ll keep you updated, but I can feel a wider action plan developing.

Turned the remainder of the green Ash today, and it really is lovely wood. It”ll be good to have the semi-complete turnings to illustrate the possible use of any saved wood. I also rough-turned some gorgeous green oak today. Wonderful wood and a wonderful smell. Shame about the black tools, toolrest, and hands!

It’s Weird & Wonderful Wood at weekend, so I’ve a lot to do between now and then, and nowhere near enough time to do them all. Hey ho.

A step in the right direction…

Bob Blizzard, my local MP, responded to an email on the issue of the wasted wood resources…

“I am keen to take this matter up with WDC as I agree with you about use of resources. If you would prefer to meet and talk before I do so please let me know.

Best wishes

Bob Blizzard MP “

Of course I want to meet! I’ll let you know the outcome.

Perhaps a nation-wide campaign is in order? Woodturners and Greenwood workers unite!

And when I cut and roughed the Ash…

I was even madder! The pictures (taken with the phone camera) do not do it justice. Pinks, browns, golds, ripple, great figure and grain, and gorgeous. What was the rest of the tree like?



I can’t wait to see the set after drying and finish-turning. There’s enough for another set (14″ by 6″ deep), and two 14″ by 6″ hollowforms or vases. So much from so little. And so much more gone to mulch. Sad, I think.