Bowl Saver From Hell…

I wonder how many readers core blanks to produce nested sets of bowls?

I’ve been coring pretty much all my larger blanks for a few years now, and have a pile of bowls drying out in rotation. When I started, I used the Stewart slicer to core…Deja Vu!…I’ve prattled about this before…never mind this is different…

So I used the Stewart system, and whilst you can core with it, it’s limited by being a straight bar. So I now use either the Woodcut bowl saver, which is superb, or else the McNaughton system, which is also superb, but requires a little more of the user, but is also more adaptable.

I love coring bowls, you save wood, waste, and produce an attractive nested set from one blank of wood. So far so good. And then I found this on YouTube…(It won’t embed so you have to watch it via the link)…

Now this is interesting to turners for obvious reasons…bandsaw envy, rip-saw envy, log envy…a whole list of reasons to be jealous, but it also raises a few questions and points of genuine interest.

Steaming for a few hours and then only a month to dry! And I think we can assume the problem of warping and splitting is minimal otherwise they would surely look to other methods. And what about the base? Flat-cut off! No concave base line in case of later movement. Perhaps they don’t care, but I doubt it. But it does give food for thought.

And as for the lathe and cutters!

And could they claim they were hand-made? I wonder.

I’ll stick to hand turning, but I wouldn’t mind their waste blocks after removing three blanks!

Have a look and see what you think…


4 thoughts on “Bowl Saver From Hell…

  1. Hello Norman,

    yes it can be used on birch laminate, but may result in early edge loss due to the glue used to bond the ply sheets. Good luck with the saver; it’s great tool.

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